Canadian Passport Photos

Canada_FLAG_SM.gif We provide Canadian passport photos and are on the Canadian list of approved Phtographers. Get your photos done right the first time!  LLoyd’s Studio Photography is located in downtown Boca Raton Florida. Call or email for an appointment 561-394-8399 

An appointment is necessary, Please bring your current spec sheet, Absolutely no refunds.


 Note: IT IS YOUR RESPONSABILITY to specify which type of photos you require (we do 6 different types for Canada) because there are 4 different sizes, so please tell us when ordering. Do NOT wear a white shirt or tank top, no smile etc.

  1. Canadian passport (with date, our store and “I CERTIFY” stamp on the back of both or one of the photos depends)
  2. Canadian citizenship photo to become Canadian citizen
  3. Canadian Visa (non-immigrant) work visa Appendix B Application for permanent residence (skilled worker)
  4. Canadian Visa (non-immigrant) work visa Appendix C Medical
  5. Canadian Quebec Real Estate board photo
  6. Canadian Pilot’s License (colored background NOT WHITE)


Canada_FLAG_SM.gif  1. Canadian Passport photo - Photos must be taken by a commercial photographer.

The name of the photographer or studio, the address and the date the photo was taken (not the date the photo was printed) must be provided directly on the back of one (1) photo, in some cases both.Photos must not have a shadow of the subject on the background and the background must be white. Size must be 50mm X 70mm ( 2in X 3in ). We stamp Canadian Passport pictures with our stamp as per specs on the back of one of the two photos. Check to se if you need a GARANTOR signature aswell. Photos must be originals, not taken from an existing photo.

Do NOT wear a white shirt or tank top, no smile.



Canada_FLAG_SM.gif2. Canadian Citizenship (to become Canadian) photo - 

Two of 35 x 45mm, stamp on back of both photos.

Do NOT wear a white shirt or tank top, no smile.



Canada_FLAG_SM.gif  3. Canadian Visa photo (nonimigrant) photo work visa Appendix B Application for permanent residence (skilled worker) or tourist.

- Two of 35mm x 45mm, Head size chin to “crown” 31mm to 36mm



Canada_FLAG_SM.gif   4. Canadian Visa photo (nonimigrant) photo work visa Appendix C Medical.

- Two of 35mm x 45mm, Head size chin to “crown” 25mm to 35mm



Canada_FLAG_SM.gif  5. Canadian Quebec Realestate board photo (licence) photo diferent size required.

- Two of 43mm x 54mm. our stamp and date on both.


Canada_FLAG_SM.gif  6. Canadian Pilot’s License Photos