About The Photo Studio

Lloyd’s Studio Photography is located in Downtown Boca Raton Florida.

Here you will find out about the photo studio. Lloyd’s Studio Photography is the premier portrait studio in Boca Raton, Florida, it is a full-service photography, video and design studio. We are in the business of creating exciting, compelling images for you, using photography, video production and design. Lloyd's Studio Photography is located in downtown Boca Raton at The Boca Grand Building, the studio is surrounded by small alleys and secret gardens which lend themselves for amazing photography. We are also just a short distance from several beaches, and an old train station is nearby. Our studio offers a wide variety of portraiture, from children, families, business portraits, professional head-shots, beach portraits, to commercial photography, video, graphic design and photo restoration. The commercial photography portfolio website can be found at: www.MichaelBLloyd.com . An extensive gallery in our studio shows our portraits telling the stories of families from the birth of their children and as they grow, capturing all the important and special milestones of their lives. The Business Center showcases the business portraits. The Fine Art Gallery exhibits our amazing photography images which are available for purchase. Our Custom Frame Department complements your portraits.


An image is EVERYTHING! An image conveys a subliminal message, it can be the innocence of a child's face or the confidence and professionalism of a business headshot. Today, images are among the most important shared media online, and they are also the first impression your customers and clients see of you. Using photos that are clean, well lit, evenly balanced as well as properly posed shows the subject in greater detail and reflects the professionalism of your own business. Lloyd’s Studio produces stunning images that you can use for your website, add to your press release, include in press packages and use on marketing materials.

For our portraiture, Michael's remarkable creativity is only limited by your imagination. He combines the old portrait styles with new innovative techniques transforming breathtaking images into truly unique works of art which you will cherish forever. “I have been a South Florida portrait photographer for over 20 years. I love my work! My specialty is Canvas Oil Portraits of children and families. These portraits are mounted on artist canvas and brushstrokes are added to create the look of oil paintings. I guarantee each and every one of my images. I personally retouch them, so I know that you will have a Perfect Portrait. By capturing the precious moments of children and the joys of families, I give everyone their biggest treasure.”

About The Photographer

We have been in business for over 20 years serving the South Florida Area.

I am a second generation photographer, and I founded my photo studio in Boca Rraton, Florida in 1986. I am one of a select few to earn the designation of Certified Professional Photographer. I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and attended Winona School of Photography. I studied under such renowned photographers as Hanson Fong, Dennis Reggie, Stephen Rudd, Anne Geddes, Monte Zucker, Angela Carson and Lisa Murphey. As a second generation photographer I now focus on commercial, corporate and editorial photography. In addition to the commissioned assignments, I work non-commissioned in my personal Veteran's Film Project. Being the grandson, son and nephew Google Trusted Photographerof U.S. Veterans, I strive to capture in their own words and images, the awesome stories of all the vets I meet, lest they be lost. Based in South Florida, I work with my Studio Manager Elizabeth in my 1600 sq ft photography studio or on location for commercial and private clients. I am a member of the PPA Certified Logo , Professional Photographers assoc memberProfessional Photographers of America, and Florida Professional Photographers. I am also a Google Trusted Photographer.

About The Photo Studio

For years, our Downtown photography studio has been synonymous with exceptional portraiture and has been known as the Premier Studio in Downtown Boca Raton. Lloyd’s Studio Photography has also served countless clients throughout the South Florida area in need of a photographer. Our work has appeared in national digital, print advertising, brochures, annual reports, TV, catalogs, and the web. Our studio is 1600 square feet with full studio, make-up, dressing room and a wide variety of backgrounds and props. Lloyd’s Studio’s facility is perfect for all types of photography and large enough for multiple room sets, and yet still has an intimate feeling for smaller production fashion or portrait shoots. We work with very high end digital equipment, medium format digital cameras and Canon Pro DSLRs. We also do retouching and imaging, offering our clients one-stop shopping for their photographic needs. The retouching and digital assembly shown We're a Favorite Place on Googlein our web site portfolio was done at Lloyd’s Studio Photography, in Boca Raton, Florida and is not outsourced. Location photo sessions are also available. Whether it’s a great professional head-shot, portrait, product, video or design, we make it happen! Come and see why we are Boca Raton’s Premier Photography Studio! We are also a Google Favorite Place!

About The Process for Portraiture

We offer a complimentary in-depth pre-session consultation where we discuss your vision for your personal portrait art work. You tell us about your home and the available spaces where you want personal art. We discuss large scale portrait options and portrait groupings. For the master bedroom its nice to wake up to a portrait grouping with fun images. Most families choose a somewhat formal statement piece in the living room, the family room is reserved for relational images with casual posing. A whole house portrait art plan also includes portraits in the hallway, kid’s rooms and even the bathrooms. Before the session, we visit your home to see the spaces and determine color palettes, which will help us in planning the clothing recommendations. We have a professional makeup artist available. We work to create amazing personal art just for You. About two weeks after your session we have a premier ordering session at the studio where you select your final images for your portrait art plan. We look forward to creating your personal art.

“It will be my pleasure to work with you to create a portrait of your vision.” Please call us for a consultation and to make an appointment. Ask for my assistant Elizabeth or myself.

About The Process for Professional Headshots

When you contact us about your headshot needs, we have a discussion and craft your professional headshot based on who you are, what profession you are in and how the images are being used. We know the importance of conveying the right message, we evaluate your needs and make suggestions as to pose, the right clothing, background and also location. Each headshot appointment is a unique experience and is tailored to creating the best possible image for your needs. We make sure you get the right image for you. There are many cases in which we have been contacted by business people who have had a headshot done, and although there is nothing wrong with the image, it just is not the right image for them. For that reason, our many years of experience are here to guide you to accomplish the perfect look and we make sure you LOOK GOOD. Visit our Tips Page for general tips and how to choose the best attire for your business headshot.