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We capture the right angles!
Architectural and Interior photography is offered to realtors, architects, designers, builders, hotels, contractors, and direct client homeowners. We provide the highest quality interior photography and lighting to promote and showcase your business. Exterior location architectural photography and Virtual Tour Photography is also offered at affordable prices for advertising, brochures, websites, and social media. Our photo studio is located in Boca Raton Florida. Call today for a free quote!

EXPERIENCED Architectural And Interior Photographer

South Florida area based photographer specializing in commercial architectural photography, photographing interiors, exteriors, large spaces, small rooms, environments and locations in urban, suburban or rural settings. Lloyd’s Studio Photography has worked on numerous diverse photo projects for clients in marketing, advertising, publishing, design, real estate, property managers, government, hospitality, and corporate art. Lloyd’s Studio Photography’s photos have been published in magazines, novels, textbooks, brochures, corporate annuals, online, internationally, and more.

Why hire an Architectural and Interior photographer?

Working closely with our clients we provide quality photographs of your architecture, interior design, lighting design and construction projects that meet your aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

What is the process for Architectural and Interior photography?

We always have a process of "scouting" the location before the photo-shoot. This can be in person or virtually.

What is the best time of day to shoot Architectural and Interior photography?

The Answer is, It depends on many factors, Time of day, Orientation of the building, and what objects/ buildings are near by etc.
EDITING: Architectural and Interior photography
All architectural and interior photography images are edited to provide the ideal look of a given property. Its the same for people photography but with a different approach and technique.

Architectural and Interior photography in Boca Raton
Lloyd’s Studio Photography’s Architectural and interior photography team has the experience, skill and equipment needed to produce the best architectural and interior photographs available. We will work tirelessly to ensure that your property appears exactly as intended, and that our clients’ needs are totally met. We are headquartered in downtown Boca Raton. As such, our team easily and happily services clients in and around the South Florida area. Are you looking for the best Architectural and interior photographer in Boca? Contact Us Here or call us at 561-394-8399. We look forward to speaking with you!
Our Philosophy: Architectural and Interior photography
We see marketing as an investment that should be optimized, not necessarily an expense that should be minimized. We believe that effective visual communication strengthens advertising and we believe that effectiveness of visual communication is directly proportional to return on investment.
Our Approach: Architectural and Interior photography
We approach each project individually. Effective visual communication is the harmony of engaging ideas, meticulous planning and flawless execution. Our goal is to create images that effectively communicate your message to the viewer rather than bland pictures that simply fill the holes left for them by a designer. Simply put, we don't take pictures, we make images.
Architectural and Interior photography: Pre-production
Every great photo shoot begins with pre-production, which is a fancy way of saying planning. While we have a sleeve full of lighting tricks, natural lighting is the single most important factor in architectural & interior photography. Proper planning allows us to most effectively use time on set and capture the best lighting for the space or building, for the benefit of the location, budget and most importantly, image quality.
Architectural and Interior photography: Production / Image Capture
This is a fancy way of saying photo shoot. We'll take everything we learned in pre-production and make some great images!
Architectural and Interior photography: Post-production
Back in the dark ages, before the Internet, when photographers used light-sensitive plastic film to capture images, this was called photo finishing and was carried out by a photo lab. Today, we harness the power of Photoshop and other digital tools to achieve perfect color & tonal quality and to eliminate unwanted distractions.