Adorable Children's Portraits

Lloyd’s Studio Photography creates amazing Children's Portraits. We are experts at what we do and have it down to a science, all while also being able to capture our children's’ unique essence in each image we produce. Choose us for professional, high-quality children's photography created by our team that is the very best at what we do!

Children’s Portraits: How does a session work?

The portrait session is custom tailored and designed for each client. This is your time to capture and record the important things in your life. Please call the studio 561.394.8399 to discuss the best time for you and our availability. Please remember to call two to three weeks in advance.

Children’s Portraits: What is a consultation?

A portrait design consultation is the first step in creating timeless images. We will discuss your vision at this time and plan the location and look of your portrait. This is the time we get to know each other and find out what to have in mind for your session. Tell us about yourself, your family and your home. We want to know what you like in terms of style, colors, etc. Together we will plan your session so that everything runs as smooth as possible the day of the session. We will show you the choices available in wall art and gift portraits. Clothes are a critical element, so its best to create a cohesive look… not necessarily all in white and khakis, just a choice that will be harmonious. We allot one hour per client, but we know that the little ones may need more time and that is okay because we do not book sessions one after the other. When photographing the family we start with the whole group and then do other groupings.

Children’s Portraits: What kind of investment do people make?

Our clients invest anywhere from $1000 and up. Everyone’s needs are different and some invest a little more and some a little less.
Children’s Portraits: When do I have to pay for the portraits?
As the nature of this work is custom, we require full payment on orders under $1000 and a 50% deposit on larger orders.
Children’s Portraits: When do I see the images?
The final images will be ready 7 to 10 days after your session. There are three ways of ordering. You may order the same day, we can set up a viewing/ordering appointment or create an online ordering password protected gallery. For an in-person ordering appointment,we will project the final images, as well as any type of collage. We will help you with all of your final decisions on images and products we have created just for you. All involved in the decision making need be present. Additional presentations are available at a $50 charge. For online ordering, the gallery will remain active for 15 days in which time you must place your order. Share your images with family and friends who can also place their own orders. Re-hosting of your gallery after 2 weeks is subject to a $50 relisting fee.

Children’s Portraits: Can I bring my children to the ordering appointment?
This is the time for you to relax and enjoy the images we have created for you. You might want to arrange for childcare for children under 12, or we can schedule your appointment when the children are in school.
Children’s Portraits: When will the order be ready?
All of our images are retouched by Michael and sent to be printed in a state of art professional lab. Regular orders take 2 to 3 weeks and specialty products take about 4 to 6 weeks. (That includes Canvas Portraits and framing.)
Children’s Portraits: Do you have specials?
Yes we do. Throughout the year we have specials for the many occasions that we celebrate. Please check the Specials page on our website. We also have Special Offerings, these are packages that include the session and selected collections that have special discounts. Choose from one of our many offerings and save 15%.
What if the kids don’t behave well?
First and foremost, the whole point is to let kids be kids. Lloyd’s Studio Portraits are meant to capture their reality. There’s no need to stress perfection when real life is what’s best. There are several things parents can do to help their kids be their glowing best: feed them before the appointment, bring some low-mess snacks (to preserve outfits and faces) and bring drinks, preferably in a no-spill cup. Please keep those treats hidden as we will often use them as a last resort. Remember not to bring anything you would not want in a photograph, as sometimes when a child gets something (i.e. keys, cell phone) they are hesitant to give it up. Occasionally, we can use our stash of bribes to help direct kids’ attention for a while, but it will really help us out if you let us pull out bribes as needed– we have photographed THOUSANDS of kids over our 20 years in business; there is no behavior that will phase us. Trust us.
What should we wear?
Keep clothing simple and comfy. Excessive clothing changes or uncomfortable clothes often translate to grumpy kiddos. Keep it simple and their personalities will shine!
What will happen at the viewing and ordering appointment?
Your viewing and ordering appointment has been specially arranged for you. Most clients find this to be the most fun part of the experience at Lloyd’s Studio Photography. We will present you with the fine art images we created specially for you in a private viewing appointment. Ordering will be done at this time so it is important that anyone who wishes to be part of the decision making process is present. Please come prepared to make choices at this appointment.
What if we are not sure what we want?
Not a problem at all! First, we will go through your images and help you select your favorites. Then we will figure out with you which products will be best suited to allow you to have all of the images you want and after that, your design consultant will crunch all of the numbers and find the best package or combination for you. We make it as simple as possible during your ordering appointment to make your decisions. Once you select the images you love, we will help figure out the best products with you!
Will you work with my budget?
Not to worry! We have packages and products to fit into most budgets. Often times our clients expect to fall in love with a handful of images and after seeing their Lloyd’s Studio Photography images, realize they love many more than they expected! We take this as a sign that we exceeded their expectations. We have lots of options for ways to get all of the images you love including image boxes, coffee table books, story frames and digital files.

I realize that custom portraiture is an investment and I am honored when clients choose me to create artwork for their family. After all, our portraits are one of the few significant purchases we make that will someday be owned and cherished by the very subjects in them! In other words, your children will likely never own your Volkswagen or want your much-loved Kitchenaid Mixer, but they will adore the portraits of your family all the days of their lives, as will their children’s children.
Ok, I’m in! What do I do next?
Give us a call! We will find the session type that fits you best, so give us a call today at 561-394-8399 or click here to request an appointment.