Classic Oil On Canvas Portraits: The Artful Process

Canvas portraits begin as an image that is meticulously retouched by Michael, an expert retoucher, as well as an exceptional photographer.  Then the image is printed on 100 year archival photographic paper and the next step is to have it mounted onto real artist’s cotton canvas.  For this process the photograph is peeled to only reveal the top layer, from about seven layers, where the image is.

After that, it is mounted onto the stretcher framed canvas,  and finished with an oil based texture highlighted by subtle brushstrokes to create the feeling of oil on canvas.  This clear gloss seals, and protects the image.  As you see. this process is quite involved and can take up to two months.  During the consultation, it is very important to discuss what type of wall art and where the portraits will be displayed.  Please review the TIPS info sheet for clothes selection and make up.   book now button

Classic Oil On Canvas Portraits: What backgrounds do you use for these portraits?

Our studio is equipped with many types of backgrounds from “Old World” painted canvases suited for Classic Oil On Canvas Portraits in the style of John Singer Sargent.  Then there are the modern muslin fabric for casual portraits.  We also have all kinds of colors of paper backgrounds for fun portraits of children and pets.

Our Portrait Gallery will take you through a journey of the milestones and fun portraits in a family’s life.  Here you will see and feel the different types of portraits available.  Our Signature Portraits are retouched and enhanced by Michael and then the portraits are mounted onto artist’s canvas and brushstrokes are added to enhance the look of Oil Paintings. Contact us today.

Classic Oil On Canvas Portraits: What are we known for?

Just as the Master Artists of old, we offer a stunning piece of art yet is about you and your family. Our best seller, The Artistic Series oil on canvas wall portraits are what we are best known for, they are the finest quality, an ultimate work of art. A true showpiece for any home.  The canvas Series is available in Color, Black & White,or Sepia . This is perfect Wall Art for your home!

Classic Oil On Canvas Portraits: The Classic Wall Portrait

Families want to preserve their memories in a way that will be around for many generations.  For the formal living room, a family will usually choose between a 30×30 or a 40×30 wall portrait of the whole family, then,if they have 2 children, they will choose a 16×20 of each child to go on each side of the family portrait.  If they have, for example four children, two boys and two girls, they can have a 16×20 of the girls on one side and the boys on the other side.  For the couple, they order a 20×30 or 16×20 for their bedroom.   book now button