"The art of getting your corporate identity across successfully. " Photographer: Michael Lloyd
Corporate photography is the art of presenting you and your company environment to get your message across in the best light possible and inspire confidence and knowledge with your clients.  Having a corporate photography headshot is a significant factor in how we present ourselves, and is one of the best ways to market yourself as a business professional.  In many cases, your corporate photography headshot is the first impression, so you want to do everything you can to make it count!  Lloyd's Studio Photography has captured thousands of professional headshots and executive portraits that create the best impression for your professional profile, business or website.

"Lloyd’s Photography is by far one of the best photography studios in the area. They’re very professional and fun to work with. They came on location to take our business head-shots. Prior to doing so, they scouted the office and went over the details of what to expect the day of the shoot. Needless to say, I was impressed by them. The day of the photos everything happened as planned. They brought extra attire in the event of an emergency (wardrobe). The picture quality was amazing. Lloyd’s will be our contact for all photography needs, both professional and personal." Natacha Castellano (From Google 5 Star Review)


Professional headshots show you take yourself and your career seriously.  They make you stand out from the crowd.  If you want to look professional to recruiters, employers and important connections, take the time to have your professional headshot taken by an experienced photographer.  Your business headshots should be high quality images that are visually pleasing.  These images portray you and your company as professional, trustworthy and with confidence and conviction. In the fast-paced, digital world we live in, professional corporate photography may be your only chance to make a good impression. Often, important contacts are simply too busy to read more than a few lines of your resume or LinkedIn profile, so don’t waste an opportunity to include a memorable professional image on your social media and professional profiles. You don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression, so make sure you present yourself in the best possible light!​


​Hiring a Boca Raton business headshot photographer will have many benefits, and not just for our ability to create professional photography using professional state of the art equipment. A good professional portrait photographer will have expertise in the way they pose you, wardrobe choices for the shoot, and the things they can say to evoke warm, spontaneous expressions which will make you look approachable, yet professional. Make no mistake; professional business portraits and headshots are worth their weight in gold and can make all the difference in whether you land that lucrative opportunity or new position you’ve been looking for.

Using your own camera to take your professional headshot is a bad idea, even if you have a good camera. The picture will look home-made, unprofessional, and will make you look cheap. The backdrop for the photo will also not likely be ideal, and you will be limited in what you can do with the photo. A professional Boca Raton headshot photographer will have different backdrops, quality lighting, and the ability to take many photos of you in different poses all within a pretty short amount of time. In addition, a Boca Raton business headshot photographer will have the software and experience to edit your professional headshots to ensure you are presented in the best way possible.

These are all things you should pay a professional photographer to do for you, because they have a wealth of experience and will produce high quality professional portraits that will capture you in ways that would be difficult if not impossible to create on your own.


Professional business portraits and headshots by Lloyd's Studio Photography help business professionals portray themselves in the best light on platforms such as LinkedIn, business or personal websites, social media pages, blogs, business cards, and company branding materials.

"Our challenge: One chance to expertly photograph a busy and very important customer executive for a special event. Finding an experienced and able photographer from 1,000 miles away was the easiest part, thanks to Lloyd’s Studio Photography. From our initial contact with Michael Lloyd through deliverables, every detail was handled flawlessly. The results? Outstanding. Mission accomplished." Monica Truelsch Director, Marketing TMW Systems, Inc (From Wikipedia)

Our professional headshots, taken by a headshot photographer, will make you look successful, trustworthy, and marketable. We are one of Boca Raton's best business headshot photographers, and have this reputation because we pay attention to every detail and our finished headshots will make you look like a leader in your field. We have captured thousands of individual headshots for professionals such as attorneys, real estate agents, actors, models, numerous business professionals, and corporations large and small. The next time you’re planning a corporate headshot or professional portrait, we can help.​

Does your location not cut it? We can create your images in our studio or our real boardroom business setting. We can also take advantage of the REAL surroundings just outside our studio, which include columns, greenery and other outdoor REAL settings. No fake funky green screen here!


For over 20 years, the Boca Raton headshot photographers at Lloyd's Studio Photography have been capturing the best corporate photography in Boca Raton, many know us as the premier studio in Boca Raton. Each headshot appointment is a unique experience and is tailored to creating the best possible image for your needs, and we can assist you in choosing the right clothing and craft your professional headshot based on who you are, what profession you are in and how the images are being used. Visit our Tips for Headshots Page for general tips and how to choose the best attire for your business headshot.

  • ​Executive Portraits, Corporate Headshots, and Company Profiles
  • Headshots for Corporate Directory Website Pages
  • Staff Photos and LinkedIn Professional Profile Photos
  • Headshots for Actors, Entertainers and Musicians
  • Authors' Book Jacket Photos

Lloyd's Studio Photography is a Boca Raton headshot photography studio specializing in individual headshots, business headshots, executive portraits, and professional photography. We have taken headshots to be used in corporate branding, company websites, and professional profiles such as LinkedIn.

Our client base is very diverse, having created portrait photography for professionals such as lawyers and law firms, sales professionals, medical professionals, and marketing and advertising executives. Professional business headshots will help you put your best foot forward in the South Florida / Boca Raton corporate world.

Lloyd's Studio Photography’s team is the premier headshot and portrait photography studio in Boca Raton. We take pride in our ability to offer the following:
  • ​Best Cameras and Lighting Equipment
  • Convenient Location in Downtown Boca
  • Professional Yet Easy-Going Staff
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Quick Turnaround Time

Lloyd's Studio Photography is Boca’s best professional headshot photographer. We are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly professional photographers that capture your headshot image very effectively and at an affordable price. Our creative team works with you on the best setting / background for the headshot, as well as wardrobe choices and poses. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Our Law firm is very pleased with Lloyd’s Studio. Michael and Elizabeth are a great team, their experience, teamwork and attention to detail make you comfortable and confident. They have a keen ability to capture the right shot. They are timely, professional and accommodating to our needs."

Pia Dessi, Roig Lawyers Inc. Boca Raton, Fl.

Professional headshots or images for your business should always be professionally taken. If they are not, quite frankly, they make you or your business look cheap or mediocre. People definitely can tell professional photography from homemade photography, and even with great equipment, there is really no match for a photography that is professionally-taken.

We advise you on poses, wardrobe choices, makeup, lighting, the benefits of indoor vs. outdoor shots, and much more. Our professional equipment – cameras and lighting – can bring out the very best in skin tones and color. Lighting is also a huge factor – we, as professional photographers adjust lighting in ways most people couldn’t even imagine to enhance the image as well as contrast, and literally portray you in the best light.

We, as professional headshot photographers also provide positive encouragement and evoke positive emotions from you during the shoot. We have captured thousands of professional headshots and know exactly what to say to have you smiling appropriately, posing well, and generally looking your best. Professional hair and makeup are always recommended. Your first impression counts the most, so make sure you look your best by hiring a professional headshot photography studio!

What you wear for your corporate headshot largely depends on what line of work you are in. If you are in a very conservative industry such as the legal, financial or banking industries, a suit will likely be appropriate. However, if you are in a more laid back work environment such as a startup, business casual is likely fine.

The general rule of thumb for headshots is to wear what you would normally wear to work. If you are currently searching for a position, wear what you think you would wear in the position you are seeking.

Headshots can be utilized in a variety of places. Just a few of the places they can be used are for your LinkedIn professional profile photos, your personal or business website or blog, social media pages, brochures, and marketing materials.

You’ll definitely want to replace all of your old headshots with the new ones as quickly as possible, and if you need hard copies of the images, we offer those at an additional cost. We also resize them if needed to match the size requirement of the places you are posting them to.

We offer standard retouching services for your headshots as part of the service. Standard retouching includes blemishes, shine issues, and fly-away hair. We offer additional retouching at additional charges. We give you a "refreshed look" that is natural and flattering.

There are so many ways you can go about taking your professional headshots in Boca Raton. If you are thinking of an outdoor shoot, there are great settings to perform the shoot with plenty of sunlight. With professional headshots, you don’t want anything distracting in the background. However, shooting outdoor headshots enables you to take advantage of space, light and color. These are very important if you want your outdoor headshot to look the best it can be.

Here are some tips to help ensure you take the best headshots possible:
  • Solid Colors Are Best
  • If Choosing a Pattern, Keep it Simple and Non-Distracting
  • Bring Several Changes of Clothes to the Shoot
  • Make Sure All of Your Clothes Are Ironed or Pressed to Look As Professional as Possible
  • Wear Clothes That Are Comfortable and Fit Well
  • Don’t Overdress
  • Avoid Alcohol the Day Before the Shoot and Drink Plenty of Water
  • Get Plenty of Rest Before the Shoot So You Are Relaxed and in Turn More Photogenic
  • Keep Jewelry as Simple As Possible – the Smaller the Better

Corporate Photography Boca Raton Fl
Lloyd's Studio Photography is one of the most efficient and affordable corporate photography boca raton fl. Our headshot photography studio will work with you to determine your goals for the shoot and then go to work on exceeding them. As our Google and Yelp reviews will attest, we are very good at what we do and our customers are always very happy with our work.

Do you have questions about professional headshots? Are you ready to take the next steps to improve your professional image? Please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 561-394-8399 for a free consultation!