Demonstration Explainer Video Production Services

Say it in a Savvy Visual Way With The Right Video!

Demonstration explainer videos can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to showcase their products or services in a clear and engaging way. Lloyd's Studio has produced savvy demo videos for many years. These types of videos may use animation, voiceovers, and other visual elements to break down complex concepts and ideas, making them easier for viewers to understand.


If you're considering investing in demonstration explainer video production services, there are a few key things you should know.

Demonstration Explainer Video Production Goals:

The process starts by identifying your desired outcome for your project. With this information, we then develop a step-by-step plan for reaching the goal of a successful video using details such as the event type, audience, deliverables and available methods for distribution.

First, it's important to understand the goal of your video. Are you looking to educate potential customers about your product or service? Are you trying to showcase its features and benefits in a compelling way? Answering these questions will help guide the content and tone of the video. It's also helpful to consider your target audience and what will resonate with them. For example, if you're selling a technical product to a B2B audience, you'll want to focus on the specific features and capabilities that will be most appealing to them. On the other hand, if you're selling a consumer product, you'll want to focus on the benefits and how it will make their lives easier or more enjoyable.

Lloyd's Studio has a strong track record of creating high-quality demonstration explainer videos. Look to us to provide exemplary work.

Plan The Demo

Plan out the content of your video. This will typically involve a brainstorming session with our production team to come up with ideas and a rough outline. It's important to be clear and concise in your messaging, as you'll want to keep the video to a reasonable length (generally 2-3 minutes) and focus on the most important points. You should also consider including a call to action at the end of the video, such as directing viewers to your website or encouraging them to contact you for more information. A product demo video may also use graphical representations of screenshots instead of actual screenshots to give the user an overview of the different features of a B2B SaaS product.

The Lloyd's Studio team will then work with you to finalize the script and create a storyboard, which is a visual representation of the video's content and flow. This is an important step as it helps to ensure that the final product meets your expectations and delivers the desired message.

Demonstration Explainer Video Production

Once the content has been finalized, we will begin the process of producing and editing the video. This will typically involve a combination of animation, voiceovers, and other visual elements to bring your message to life. Our team may also work with you to select music and sound effects to enhance the overall impact of the video. It's important to keep in mind that the production process can take some time, as it involves multiple stages such as storyboarding, animating, recording voiceovers, and editing. However, we will keep you informed of the progress and make sure to involve you in key decision-making points along the way.


Once the video is complete, it's time to think about distribution. There are many options for sharing your demonstration explainer video, including social media platforms, your company website, and email marketing campaigns. It's a good idea to work with a digital marketing expert to help ensure that your video is seen by as many people as possible. They can help you determine the best channels for reaching your target audience and create a plan for promoting the video effectively.

Finally, demonstration explainer videos are a powerful way to educate potential customers about your products, call or email today to book your session!