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We offer E-Commerce Photography services  for your Amazon™, Ebay™, Shopify™ on-line store, website etc. Your product will sell much better with the proper listing and great photography is the most important part of the equation. Great Commercial Photography is more than 60% of the success of a listing. In addition to product photography, we also offer lifestyle photography with models for your specific needs! Contact us today and see what other E-Commerce sellers already know, ” GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY equals GREAT SALES”.  Email, Call or Come in to our studio to discuss your e-commerce photography needs. You can also mail us your product(s) to be photographed and we will promptly ship them back!

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E-Commerce Photography Services: One Stop Shop

Lloyd’s Studio Photography is one of Boca’s best eCommerce photographers, and has captured professional product photography for hundreds, if not thousands of products over the last 20 years.  We are a one stop shop for excellent product photos for your online retail or ecommerce business!

 “Professional, knowledgeable and great to work with! I’m thrilled with my product photos and look forward to working with Mike and Elizabeth again!”

Heather Moss (from Google 5 Star Rating)


Having quality and professional product photos for your ecommerce website isn’t optional; it’s a must-do in today’s digital world where purchasing decisions are made extremely quickly. A picture is worth 1,000 words, and when it comes to ecommerce, a picture is worth 100,000 words. Many people make online purchasing decisions without even reading the text about a product they are looking at – they simply look at the product photos, see what they want, and order the product.

If your website has poor product photos, most people may assume the product is poor as well and will either not purchase the product at all, or they may purchase it from a different website. Poor product photos reflect very poorly on the business, and does not help to build trust with consumers.


There are several things you and your professional e-commerce photography company can do to maximize the benefits of having high quality ecommerce photography on your website. Among them are:

  1. Decide on a Fixed Number of Images for Each Product – Whether you want to have 3 pictures on your product page or 10, you will want to have a set amount of images on every page. If you have a different amount of images on every page, the site won’t be uniform and will be viewed as sloppy.
  2. Use 360 Spin Photography – With 360 Spin photography, your potential customers will be able to spin the picture around, almost as if they were holding it and looking at it in a physical store!  It’s a relatively new, great method of photography that allows your potential customers to see all areas of the products you are selling.
  3. Feature All Product Benefits – Make sure to feature all product benefits with both the product images and words on the webpage. Certainly feature all of the product’s selling points, and you may even want to consider having images of people actually using the product.
  4. Show Different Versions of the Product(s) – When capturing professional ecommerce photography by a professional ecommerce photographer in Chicago, make sure you show all of the different versions of the products you are capturing. This includes different colors, styles and accessories that may come with the product.

Capturing high quality, professional photos of your website’s products is valuable not only to impact consumer purchasing decisions, but is also an invaluable tool for direct marketing and behind-the-scenes marketing.

By behind-the-scenes marketing, I’m speaking about SEO, or search engine optimization value.  Adding content to your website in the form of written landing pages or blogs, photos or video is always a good thing as long as it is relevant to your industry.

E-commerce product photography is an invaluable source of content for your website, and images should be added to your website as frequently as possible, especially for an e-commerce website selling products.  Customers will be significantly more likely to purchase your products if they are able to view high quality images of those products to see exactly what they will be receiving upon purchase.

When adding high quality, professional product photography to your website, it should be captured by a professional products photographer.  Also, make sure you add the meta information and descriptions to all photos. Otherwise, Google’s search engine will not know what to classify the photos add and the benefits for SEO will be very limited. If the meta information and descriptions are not present for each photo, Google will see a photo is there but it will not be classified or readable in Google images, and you will lose out on significant SEO value.


Lloyd’s Studio Photography is one of Boca Raton’s best e-commerce photographers, and has captured professional product photography for hundreds, if not thousands of products over the last 20 years. We are a one stop shop for excellent product photos for your online retail or e-commerce business!


Professional products photography is extremely important for your business, as it can mean the difference between selling your products or customers leaving your website to purchase the products elsewhere. Your audience will be drawn to the photos on your website before their attention turns to anything else on the web page, so you need to ensure the images are of high quality and look amazing.

A Boca Raton e-commerce photographer for products can surely help with this!  Also, you don’t need to live in Boca Raton to choose an eCommerce product photographer boca raton fl ; you can simply mail the products to us, have us take the photos, and then have the products shipped back to you.

Do you have questions about Boca Raton product photography? Please feel free to contact us at 561-394-8399 or you may Contact Us Here and we’ll be happy to help!


360 Spin Product Photography

We also create 360 Spin Product Photography! To learn more, please go to our 360 Spin Photography page here.