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Lloyd's Studio Photography specializes in headshots specifically for ERAS (Electronic Residency Application) photos. Medical residency headshots for doctors applying for a residency, away elective, fellowship or license.
  • ERAS - Electronic Residency Application Service
  • VSAS - Visiting Student Application Service
  • Fellowship Applications
  • Licenses

The Importance of a Professional Medical Residency Headshot

A high-quality professional headshot is vital to be accepted when applying for a medical residency program! Professional headshots are critical for today’s physicians. Show them your determination to pursue your career. So much work is invested in the start of your career that a professional headshot is something you should not pass up. Since ERAS started requesting headshots, we have photographed an increasing number of MD’s every year. Therefore the standard for Electronic Residency Application photos has risen every year. Whether it’s a prospective employer looking you up online or fellow physicians reaching out for a referral, your profile image helps build your practice. Your reputation and ultimately your digital brand will benefit. All residents should take professional headshots before they graduate. For young residents beginning their careers, the lack of a profile image actually hurts their chances of landing their dream job. Data reveals that employers are 21% more likely to view candidates with profile photos than those without. Create your online profile for your third year medical student application photos with a professional headshot to make your CV stand out.

Correct Medical Residency Headshots ERAS VSAS need:

  1. Expression. It's important for you to show confidence, intelligence, and approach-ability in your photo. When looking through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application) submissions, most programs are looking for someone who can fit in well with their team and looks like they know what they're doing. These first impressions are being formed about you in 1/10th of a second, so make sure your expression says what you need it to say!
  2. Lighting and Backdrop. Did you know on average you are 14 times more likely to be picked for an interview if you have a professional headshot? Having a photo without professional lighting and backdrop can seriously hurt your chances of landing your dream residency program. A professional headshot at its simplest level shows you care enough to invest in a professional portrait. Important: We strongly recommend that your residency portrait be taken on a light gray or white background. ​Why? Because it stands out more on ERAS as a thumbnail and is statistically more likely to be clicked on.
  3. Correct format and specifications. Making sure your photo conforms to ERAS specifications. The correct format is 2.5" x 3.5" at 150 dpi, with a maximum file size of less than 100 KB. Trying to upload anything in a different format can cause issues and might not be accepted. We format your image correctly and take care of all the specifications needed.


Choose a day when you have a predictable schedule and will be well rested. Choose proper business attire. Remember, you are investing in your career. We also include a free file sized for your LinkedIn page.

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Call 561 394 8399 to make an appointment. Or contact us here. Below are some examples of Medical Residency Headshots ERAS VSAS so you get an idea of how the final images look. The professional medical residency headshots are typically taken against a white, light or dark grey studio backdrop with professional lighting and a strong focus on expression.
Medical Residency Headshots ERAS VSAS Package: One outfit look with a gray or white background in studio. We take several shots, you review the images and choose one from the session. We retouch it and enhance it with color correction, exposure/contrast adjustments. You get the selected image retouched in the exact format ERAS requests, with a free LinkedIn JPEG file. This session is 15 to 30 minutes. If you have some extracurricular activities for which a differently styled photograph may be useful, a larger package may be appropriate.