Old Photo Restoration

Turn those old photos, negatives, slides, films, video-tapes and even those old little key-chain viewers back into something awesome!

Your family treasures are quickly fading or are in terrible shape with pieces missing, so its time to restore them for future generations.

We offer old photo restoration services. Have an old photo, 35mm Negative, 35mm Slides, 8mm film movies, home video-tapes or some other old media that needs a little TLC ? We do it all, just bring it in for a quote. We do it all on premises we do not send anything out or overseas! It’s all done here. Scrap-booking service also available. Order a CD disc or Flash drive of your old photos, negatives or slides, digitally archived and ready for your laptop, tablet, Facebook etc. We improve the old images so you can use them on your project, album, digital album, print new photos, or upload internet friendly files to your favorite sharing social media sites.


Copy and Restore Old Personal Photos

Those photos are not getting any younger. Ever noticed that color photos from the 1970s have faded and turned mostly red and black and white photos from the 1950s look almost perfect? Different photos from different emulsion technologies preformed better than others through time. Those 1970s square color photos with round corners and dimpled paper are fading much faster while Kodachrome color slides from the 1950s look pristine!

If you have some of these and some of those, just bring them all in to be copied before they fade so much there wont be anything left to copy. Even some early early black and white Polaroid photos turn a dull, muddy gray mess with none of its original contrast if left near a window.

Other photos are not safe in a frame, UV light and sun heat will damage and stick them to the glass! Don't pull them off! Just bring them in as is. We copy and restore them perfectly HERE at our Downtown Boca Raton Location. Don't send your one of a kind unique photos in a big box to somewhere in Bangladesh to be poorly copied and carelessly lost permanently!

Old Photo Restoration BeforeOld Photo Restoration After


Copy and Restore Old Company Photos

Rebranding your company or logo but want to keep those legacy and historic images of the company to show off it's pedigree? Showcase that history with a big old image of the company's roots in your corporate lobby walls!

From small to very Large! This MAC Airlines company photo was 3 foot by 6 feet! The newly restored photo of the same size ended up at their company headquarters lobby and was the center of attention for the legacy narrative of the company.
Old Photo RestorationOld Photo Restoration

Scan Film Formats

We Scan and Digitize 110mm 126mm 35mm APS, 120mm 220mm 4×5 8×10 medium format negatives or super slides and even larger formats. Eventually all negatives and positives will start to deteriorate and become STICKY.

It is best to keep these in a cool dry and dark place. The best type of envelope to keep them from sticking to everything is those old wax coated envelopes, but it's hard to find those any more, so instead keep them in regular kitchen wax paper "envelopes" you can make yourself.

Please note that as with all transfers or copying, the quality depends on the state of the original which may vary.

Old Film Movies to DVD or USB

We transfer 8mm, Super 8mm ,16mm film to DVD or USB file format. Film when ordinarily transferred is blurry and jumpy, we use modern techniques to stabilize and actually bring 2K resolution to what 8mm film equates to, 420p resolution. These are also prone to become STICKY and SMELLY especially when having been stored in a sealed metal can for decades. We transfer them to modern .mp4 or .BUP DVD format for you to play on computer or DVD player.

Please note that as with all transfers or copying, the quality depends on the state of the original which may vary.

Video Transfer/ Duplication

We turn old VHS,  Beta-max etc videos to digital file format such as .mp4 or DVD. Ageing video tape also tends to deteriorate so transferring it to digital is critical. As with film we also use modern techniques to stabilize and actually bring 2K resolution to video which equates to, 420p resolution.

Please note that as with all transfers or copying, the quality depends on the state of the original which may vary.

Those Old Key Chain Slide Viewers!

Most of you may not remember these photo trinkets but before Polaroids came around people would get photos taken at for example carnivals by a roving photographer working for the carnival and once the positive slide film was developed, it was paced in one of these as a keepsake for for you to carry on your key-chain.

Get New Photos

We Print New Real Photos (NOT INK JET), Posters etc. for you.
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