Helpful Photo-shoot Tips and Advice for the best photo-shoot from Lloyd’s Studio Photography

Photo-shoot Tips and Advice: Makeup

Ladies, please wear your regular makeup (bring your lipstick for touch-ups). If our professional makeup artist is going to do your make up you may, either come with your regular makeup or with a clean face. For Men, the makeup artist will look out for dark circles, pimples, anything that needs to be touched up and don’t worry makeup for men is invisible.

Photo-shoot Tips and Advice: Wardrobe

Dark suits, please make sure your clothes fit properly, avoid big patterns. Please bring additional jackets/ blouses/ shirts/ ties to choose what looks best and to create different looks We will help choose what photographs best. If the image is a three/quarter look, keep this in mind for your complete outfit

Photo-shoot Tips and Advice: Photo Editing

Yes, you want to look good! We have heard it before” I never look good on pictures”. Not here, we expertly Photo edit wrinkles to braces and more! Retouching is available in certain packages. We offer natural looking great retouching, we call it “the refreshed look”. Some packages include photo editing and we do special requests additionally.
Photo-shoot Tips and Advice: Ladies
For a formal look bring a more conservative jacket in a dark color and then something more casual and modern in a different bright color. For blouses, also bring a couple extras, different colors. Jewelry should be more conservative, simple is good, but feel free to bring several other things, you never know.
Photo-shoot Tips and Advice: Gentlemen
Please make sure your shirts fit properly. Especially if you want some shots without jackets. The collars should not be too tight or too loose. For the jackets make sure you can cross your arms comfortably.