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President Lincoln’s Professional Head-Shots

President Lincoln's Professional Head-Shots


President Lincoln's Professional Head-Shots

When Mr. Lincoln decided to run for the nation's highest office, one of the first steps he took was to go to his Professional Photographer's Photography Studio for what would essentially be President Lincoln's Professional Head-Shots. Even then he somehow knew the power of marketing and a professional polished image! Though back then most people did not think along these lines, most people thought of a photograph of themselves as a precious keepsake for themselves and their family, photography was not only precious but quite rare, like that of a cameo.

Like President Lincoln's Professional Headshots, this rare new commodity, Personal Photographs, were actually becoming more popular each day, indeed people saved up money in order to have a portrait taken of them selves. These photo-shoots and the resulting photographs would likely be the one and only time in their lives people would have "recorded" their likeness. No thousands of disposable instant selfies were available then like they are today.

President Lincoln's Professional Head-Shots: A New Medium For Promoting Yourself

So the fact that President Lincoln had the foresight of investing time and money on photographs of himself, not for his personal use, but to promote himself is quite the thought! Then again this man was thought by his contemporaries and everyone at large to be an intellectual powerhouse.

Over his lifetime and even today,  he was said to be one of the most recognizable people around, indeed one of his portraits was used as the basis for one of the first stamps with his likeness on it. His image has now become iconic and all this came about because he saw the power of Photography and what he could do with it.

Artist's Rendering of How a modern portrait of President Lincoln might look like today.


How President Lincoln's Professional Head-Shots helped his Image

Let's face it, Lincoln knew that people made fun of his appearance, he was not a good looking man. Never the less he keenly decided to make lemonade out of lemons sort of speak. He turned a negative into a positive get it? LOL. He turned his looks into a very recognizable "brand" through the use of a fairly new although esoteric technology, PHOTOGRAPHY.

President Lincoln's Professional Head-Shots Photographer

In the spring of 1861, as his political career came "into focus", so did his image. Lincoln was drawn to photographer Mathew Brady's downtown photo studio in New York. He admired him being a self made man and his reputation for creativity. President Lincoln credited his photographer and the Cooper Institute speech for becoming President of the United States. He was quoted as saying: “Brady and the Cooper Institute made me president.”

Photographer Mathew Brady was one of Americas earliest Photographers and was best known for his NOW famous photographs of scenes of the Civil War. He could be considered not only one of the earliest "studio photographers" but also a "combat or war photographer" who "exposed" his audience and the public at large with the reality of war.

President Lincoln's Professional Head-Shots Helped Him Market Himself
Wherever he went, he took special consideration of his photographers, he somehow knew that they were helping him a great deal. He was marketing an idea, the UNION. In a way they were putting a face on the idea of the union, his own. Check out the amazing resemblance of one of his living relatives images here.

President Lincoln's Professional Head-Shots: Conclusion Branding, Branding, Branding
President Lincoln's Professional Headshots went a long way to help him create his brand and so should you! Our photography services have helped countless people with their businesses, resumes, marketing etc. Call or email us to book your #professional headshots appointment today!  

President Lincoln's Studio Portrait

President Lincoln's Professional Head-Shots --1

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