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Product photography for advertising and promotional purposes is offered in his studio, and on location. Tabletop commercial photography (at affordable prices) is the perfect way to promote your products in brochures, social media, and websites. We are also food photographers and soft goods specialists.

 "Professional, knowledgeable and great to work with! I'm thrilled with my product photos and look forward to working with Mike and Elizabeth again!" Heather Moss (From Google 5 Star Review)

Product Photography

Lloyd’s Studio Photography and Video specializes in creating product photos that are unique for your business and will set your products apart from the competition. Whether you’re a local business or an e-commerce website, our Boca Raton product photographers will capture the best product photos for your business.


Professional product photography is a must in today’s digital age. No matter what products you sell, not having high quality product photography can really hurt your bottom line. Especially in Boca Raton, to compete you must have the best photography of your products taken by a professional product photographer. 



There are so many reasons you need professional product photography for your website, menu, brochures, catalogs or for conventions or trade-shows, you’ll want to stand out with the highest quality product photography possible. Unfortunately, your competition is already ahead of the game if you do not have professional photography of your products.

Think Amazon. Think of the majority of large product websites you go to nowadays. Think high end restaurants. All of these have high resolution photography of their products. Additionally, many have zoom features as well as 360 product photography. Potential customers are able to zoom in, look all around the product, and many product pictures nowadays have not just one photo, but several. The larger sites have at least 5-8 product photos showcasing their products, and in many cases more!


Professional product photographers can do a lot of things that take significant professional experience both taking the photographs and editing them afterward. They know how to make the lighting just right to portray your products in the best possible way.

They have the expensive equipment to make high resolution, high quality images that will entice your customers to purchase your products over your competitors. They can also capture 360 product photography and video as well. The product pictures taken will last a lifetime, so you definitely don’t want to chance it by taking the photos yourself when you can really stand out by hiring a professional corporate photographer to take the photos.

Professional products photography also helps build your brand. You may have the best products in the world, but people won’t know unless they are accompanied by high quality images of your products. Again, no matter what products you are selling, make sure the images of those products portray them at their very best so potential customers are more inclined to buy them.


Professional product photography is a great way to enhance your company website, brochure, or catalog. There’s no better way to showcase your company’s products than through great product photography. Product photos are often the first thing potential customers notice when visiting your website.

Whether your have a storefront or eCommerce website, professional product photos will enhance your products and your brand, making your company stand out among your competition. Product photography is one of the best ways to increase sales, as customers will want to see clear and distinct images of your products to see exactly what they are getting before they place the order.


Do you have an eCommerce website, either a stand alone site or in addition to your retail store? We can help take high quality images of the products on your website. Whether your are located in Boca Raton or elsewhere in the U.S., we can take high quality e-commerce photography of all your products. Many of our customers ship their products to us for professional eCommerce photography, so there’s no wasted time in us paying you a visit or vice versa. Simply ship the products to us, we will capture great photo and video, and then ship the products back to you. We provide full service eCommerce photography in Boca Raton and throughout the country.

When it comes to eCommerce sales, high resolution photos of your products will yield big results for your business, substantially increasing online conversions. The power of great product images is difficult to ignore; it draws the eye and makes your products the center of attention.

Detailed product photos that are clean and crisp deliver images that best illustrate your product details, and the photos can be cross-functional to also be used in blog posts, print advertising and email newsletters. Great professional product photos by Lloyd's Studio Photography will engage the audience, evoke emotions, and is one of the most significant factors in selling your products.


Restaurant photography is a must-have in today’s digital world. More often than not, people are going online to view photos of the ambiance and their next meal before they head out to the restaurant. The clearer the pictures are of your products, the more likely customers are to visit your restaurant. Quality restaurant photography will make your food look as good on your website as it does in your restaurant. Restaurant photography by a professional food photographer will deliver superior images of your products and drive more traffic into your restaurant.

A great food photographer augments the appetizing qualities of a food in order to create an artful and delicious composition. The idea of naturalness is extremely important in food photography because people aren’t well served by seemingly artificial photos of food. On the other hand, people seek a degree of refinement in the food. An important part of photographing food stems from the photographer’s ability to find the most appetizing medium between naturalness and refinement.

With professional food photography, photos of your culinary creations will be significantly more appealing. This appeal will undoubtedly turn viewers into customers. To put it simply – quality food photos will bring you more business. Ultimately, by showing the world your food through the eye of an experienced food photographer, more people will want to eat it, and more customers will in turn have the privilege of tasting your delicious food.


Lloyd's Studio Photography provides excellent product photography services in Boca Raton and for clients throughout the country. Do you have questions about product photography or eCommerce photography? Please feel free to Contact Us Here or give us a call at 561 394 8399