Real Estate Photography

Professional Real Estate Photography services available for Renters, Realtors, Architects, Contractors, and more.

Residential Real Estate Photography

Professional Real Estate Photography services available for Renters, Realtors, Architects, Contractors, and more. We offer HDR and Photographic services for interior and both day and twilight exteriors of properties.  We help you sell your listings faster and for more with quality real estate and architecture photography.  We can also design and print your postcards, process your mailing list and deliver everything to the post office.  Your home must be photo-ready when we arrive.  We also offer a 1-3 business day turnaround. Check out our 360 Virtual Tour Photography and Drone Photography services too! Contact us today and let us photograph your property for you!

Real Estate Photography: Your Home

Welcome to your home.  It has such a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  Coming to a New home.  We all crave a nice place of our own.  A place that feels like home.  That is the purpose of real estate photos, and that is exactly the feeling we strive for each time we photograph any home.

Every room, whether the kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom, each part of the house should say “welcome to your Florida home” to the potential clients who look at your new listings.  Of course, the greatest potential of any listing is the view from the outside, so we make sure to have plenty of those to create the full visual curb appeal.  We even offer a twilight service to highlight the beauty of Florida sunsets over the house with warm inviting lights highlighting the exterior.

Real Estate Photography: It's Importance

Real estate images are more important now than ever before.  With so many renters and home-buyers checking out properties online before visiting them, professional real estate photography can greatly expedite the sale of your property—saving you time and money.


Lloyd's Studio Photography’s property photographers and corporate branding photographers have been taking real estate photos for well over a decade.  In this time, our team has learned a great deal about industry trends and preferences. One popular real estate photography topic is the issue of honest representation.  These days, a lot can be done through digital editing to mislead buyers.  Being that our photography team values photographic honesty, we do not take pictures which intentionally mislead viewers.  Keeping this in mind, our team’s real estate photos represent properties in the most flattering manner possible while still maintaining photographic integrity.​
Along with our team’s years of experience and ample artistic skill, our real estate photographers capture the best photos possible by adhering to these tips: Ensure Good Lighting:  Of course, as potential homebuyers are browsing listing photos online, they want to see the property as best they can.  Though this may seem like common sense, a surprising number of properties are listed online with photos which are entirely too dark.  If a prospective renter or homebuyer cannot clearly see all parts of a building in a photo, they often move on to the next listing without a second thought. To make sure that all of a property’s images are properly lit, a professional photographer brings a number of flashes to a shoot—sometimes a single flash doesn’t cut it!  Larger rooms require more light, and so to properly light them, a photographer must come prepared. Use Effective Angles:  Because people viewing properties online are seeking to get an understanding of a property’s look, camera angles which showcase a building and its features will benefit both buyer and seller.  For example, if a listing has beautiful hardwood floors, an experienced photographer will make sure that there is a photo closer to the ground where a viewer can see the floor in great detail.  Additionally, photos taken from the corners of rooms are great for capturing space and giving viewers a better idea of the room’s layout. Select Proper Lenses:  An effective real estate photograph shows the viewer the property, so using a lens which captures a larger field of view makes sense—that’s where the wide angle lens comes in.  These lenses allow property photographers to fit more of a space into their photos without the kind of distortion found in photos taken with fisheye lenses.  One should keep in mind, however, that wide angle lenses are not the catchall solution for real estate photography, and an experienced photographer can recognize the situations where different lenses are necessary.
After shooting , the best shots are selected for editing.  Typically, agents request a few photos of each room and a handful of exterior shots, but this depends largely on the project.  Lloyd's Studio Photography’s work on photo editing is moderate: our photographs are taken in a manner which does not necessitate a great amount of editing. Additionally, per our philosophy of honesty in real estate photography, our editing does not change the image in any major way.  In most cases, our retouchers apply color and level adjustments to the photos to make them look as good as possible while still maintaining visual sincerity.
Having been in the industry for so long, Lloyd's Studio Photography has generated a broad portfolio over the years.  Our real estate shooting experience ranges from small apartment units to corporate headquarters.  This diverse history provides us with the experience necessary to create compelling photos for any kind of Real Estate Listing Sites like Zillo. Whether you are in need of simple interior shots, or a variety of exterior, outdoor and landscape photos, our team is more than competent and comfortable capturing exactly what you need.  If you’re looking to keep a consistent look across a real estate portfolio, our property photography team is happy to match the style of photos for other properties to ensure consistency.
Lloyd's Studio Photography’s real estate photography team has the experience, skill and equipment needed to produce the best real estate photographs available.  We will work tirelessly to ensure that your property appears exactly as intended, and that our clients’ needs are totally met. We are headquartered in downtown Boca Raton.  As such, our team easily and happily services clients in and around the South Florida area.  Are you looking for the best real estate photographer in Boca? Do you suspect that your listing has not sold due to its poor property photos?  If so, feel free to Contact Us here or call us at 561-394-8399. We look forward to speaking with you!