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December 20, 2012
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January 2, 2016

Understanding Domain Authority with Rick’s Professional Head-shots

Rick's Professional Head-shots

Rick’s Professional Head-shots

In our line of work, Professional head-shots or business portraits are a wonderful, fun part of our business.  Rick Schwartz is a business professional and after choosing us from a web search, he contacted us to update Rick’s Professional Head-shots .  So what were the results? Another satisfied customer! As I usually do, I asked him what was the purpose for the images? Rick explained his blog and the importance of protecting your domain name. Having the .com and .net  domains to discourage traffic leeching. Rick runs his blog,, which is a blog about Domain names. He calls himself the “Domain King”.


Rick’s Professional Head-shots and .coms

I explained the usefulness of a professional image in order to come across as a professional individual. Having a professional- looking on-line presence on is the most important part of any business professional today.  Many times I come across what looks like a  professional looking website, only to see a very UN-professional image or images on the about page or directory page. This totally compromises the top notch business-like presence being conveyed.

Rick’s Professional Head-shots: Conclusion

We here at Lloyd’s Studio, always endeavor to create images that communicate the client’s intent.  Be that a corporate, editorial or lifestyle look.  The lighting and the posing also is taken into consideration, high key, low key, harsh lighting or soft light, it all depends on the intent in mind.  Also The purpose of the image or images. In this case Rick wanted both a professional head-shot plus a strong character image that conveyed  the message that he was looking for. I included two versions of the same image here with two different moods. Rick was very pleased with the results and posted them for his blog readers to see. For more insight you can go there now and his new professional head-shots in his own blog post.



  1. Rick Lesser says:

    Great lighting on this shot!

  2. Tony McCord says:

    These are very different than your regular run-of-the-mill shots, good job

  3. Pn Riddle says:

    What a difference from before, you did need an upgrade dude!

  4. Wally Hudson says:

    Rick! Looking Good!!

  5. Annett D. Webb says:

    I saw these on your post Cool

  6. tia howell says:

    Wow! Cool

  7. STadmin says:

    Looking forward to it!

  8. roberto799 says:

    I am impressed by the review given by Rick. My friends and I are starting to write a blog and we’re looking for a dedicated photography company to work with. Glad I came across this, your company is in our list to work with now. Nice work anyways! 😀

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