We’re a Favorite Place on Google

by LloydsStudio

I got a GREAT present for Christmas this year and early to boot… not from Santa but maybe even BETTER!
FROM GOOGLE!!!!   It was a regular day today until I went to my mailbox and found this in it….

Photography by: ©Michael B. Lloyd

At first I thought it was a regular Google advertisement piece…. but then I read the letter and started to jump up and down, I could not believe what I was reading it was like I won the LOTTERY!!!


The letter basically said: “Congratulations! You’re a Favorite Place on Google”

” Michaela Prescott The Google Local Business Team”



it also included a sticker (they call it a decal) for me to put on my door… so I did, here is the video:

Below is a video from Google explaining this COOL NEW QR code TECHNOLOGY…


Below is an image of  how to use it!


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