Maternity Portraits

Maternity portraits are a beautiful way to celebrate pregnancy, this unique and delicate stage in a woman’s life.
By letting us capture your unique glow and beautiful shape, you will always have a visual memory of this magical stage of motherhood as artwork, a timeless impression of this short and extraordinary moment in yours and your child’s life.  Call or email us today to book your appointment.

Maternity Portraits: The Right Time To Photograph

It is ideal to book your maternity photo session around the 32nd week of your pregnancy (7 months), when your belly is beautifully large, but you are still comfortable to move and hold poses.  Maternity portraits sessions usually take about one to two hours.  We can photograph in our Boca Raton studio, at the beach or any other location.  Our maternity photo sessions are very relaxed, never rushed, and are a lot of fun.  You will feel like a celebrity during the session!

Lloyd’s Studio offers three different packages for Maternity Portraits.

Just Bellies – one session for the”Belly”

Bellies and Babies – 2 sessions, one for maternity and one for newborn

Baby Treasures  – 5 sessions from belly to baby’s first year birthday cake

Maternity Portraits – FAQs

What is your maternity portraits photography style?
Clean, Elegant and Fun.  I will make you look natural and beautiful.
What makes you different from other photographers?
I believe in establishing relationships with my clients, not just a sale.  Most of our clients become friends and we love keeping up with them and their families.  Our relationship may start with your photo session but professionally and personally I hope it continues for years to come.
Do you offer maternity gowns?

Yes. When you book a session, you get access to the full maternity gown closet. There are a variety of colors and styles.
Do you have props for newborn sessions or do I bring mine?
Yes. Newborn sessions include props.  You may bring anything special that you may want to include in the photos.
How long is each session?

Maternity is anywhere between 1 to 2 hours.  Newborns can take on average 2 hours.  Family sessions are between 45 to 90 minutes.  Babies between 6 and 12 months can take 45 to 60 minutes.
Do offer portrait sessions for children over 12 months?
Yes.  I offer sessions to babies over 12 months, preferably outdoors.  Toddlers and children are very active and in order for us to have a successful session, an outdoor session is recommended.

What sessions do you photograph?
I love all kinds of photography.
What does your pricing include?

Professional photography and the peace of mind knowing that your memories will be well preserved.  Creative fees include the time and talent of photographer only.  Products are offered as  packages and a-la-carte.
How much should I plan on investing for my session?

Every client has different needs/wants/wishes therefore every session varies widely.  The costs will depend on the products you choose from a wide variety of options.  My minimum purchase order is $400.  But really, your investment with me isn’t about the money;  we want to make sure that we’re the best match for your needs.  It’s important to us that our visions, personalities and products all meet your expectations.  We’re honored to be able to document so many memorable moments of so many wonderful families and strive to ensure that all our clients walk away with more than they expected.

Do you offer products or do I get them printed myself?
I am full service studio and want to ensure that you have access to professional products to display your memories.  Lloyd’s Studio Photography specializes in wall art and family heirloom albums.
How early do I need to book a session?

It is recommended that you schedule a consultation or a session at least 2 months prior to guarantee availability.  The agenda books up fast and during the fall season, it generally gets fully booked 3 months prior.
What is a consultation?

A consultation is a meeting where we get to meet before booking a session.  This meeting is meant for us both to get to know each other and so that I understand what you like and envision for your session.  This helps me create and plan a photo session that is special for YOU.  Also, in this consultation we will discuss all the products and investment.  I never want you to book a session without having all the details you need.  My goal is that you come prepared for your session knowing exactly what to expect.

How do I book a session?
First contact me via the website and I will either call or email you within 24-48 hours to schedule your consultation.  When we meet for your consultation we will go over all the details about the session, investment, etc.  If you decide to book a session, we can complete the booking form at the consultation or you can complete it from home.
Do you offer weekend sessions?

Yes, however, weekend spots are very limited.  I only offer one morning session or afternoon session on Saturdays. Sundays are reserved for family only and if there is an absolute need for a Sunday session, there is an additional $150 charge to your session fee.
Do you travel for sessions?
Yes.  I absolutely love going to different places to shoot.  If you’d like to have me travel somewhere specific, just contact me and we can go over the details.