Senior Portraits: That Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

Look your best! Get the best!
This is the one time in your life to get professional photos that are truly about you.  We call them ” Senior Portraits ” but they are truly something more!  Sure, your parents may have baby portraits, family portraits,  and surely there are plenty of selfie shots throughout the years, but this is different.

Senior Portraits: The High Fashion Experience We Offer

This is about the young adult you have become.  It’s about your personality and how you view the world and your current style and interests.  Your whole life up to this point has made you into the wonderful person you are now.  You’ve worked hard to get here so let’s celebrate that!  We offer a Senior Portraits Experience!  Some of our Experience Packages include Professional Makeup, Wardrobe and an On-Location High Fashion Senior Experience! And don't forget awesome trendy images for the social media darling in you!

"Very accommodating and flexible. You will be sure to have a comfortable session and gorgeous photos afterwards!" Gabrielle McKerchie (From Google 5 Star Review)

Senior Portraits: Did you know?

Did you know most people think of themselves as their eighteen year-old self?  Even when they are much older?  It’s true because even though your interests may change (they almost always do) and your style may change too (let’s hope so or you’ll be looking pretty outdated in ten years), your personality and how you see the world sticks with you forever.

Senior Portraits: Where are you located?

Lloyd’s Studio’s unique downtown location is great for Portraits. Not only do we have great props, but our surroundings have little alleys, beautiful hidden gardens, fountains etc.  We are also located a short distance from several fabulous beaches and we are close to an old train depot.  All great locations for exceptional portraits.  To make an appointment go here. 

What if It rains on the day of my session?

Mother Nature is unpredictable and we are at her mercy.  Sessions may be conducted in light rain - for an interesting look, so bring a colorful, nice umbrella, fun rain boots and  the traditional yellow raincoat .... Let's work with it!  Or if worst comes to worst, we can always re-schedule.

Senior Portraits: Do you edit the images?

Yes, we do photo-editing so no worries! Retouching our images is our specialty. We also have tat "magazine" look.
Senior Portraits: Can I bring different outfits to wear?

You can bring multiple outfits, shoes, cool stuff and accessories to your photo-shoot and our in-house stylist will help you choose the best options. With the Experience packages you can bring even more can