Ariana Grande at Lloyd’s Studio

by LloydsStudio
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Ariana Grande at Lloyd’s Studio !

Yes ! Lloyd’s Studio Photography in Boca Raton Florida was one of the first Studios to photograph Ariana Grande  for some of her first PR/ Talent Headshots!

Model Talent Search Photographer

We took some of Singer Ariana Grande-Butera’s first Talent headshots!

In the early 2000’s we photographed a little girl about eight or nine years old. I always remembered her and her mom. The little girl’s spontaneity and connection with the camera made her a natural. She needed professional headshots for her acting and signing career. I remember her mom proudly telling us that she was going to be acting at the Crest Theatre in Delray Beach. Michael took many different shots of her and she changed several times and did different hairdos. I loved the little pig tails. She was absolutely adorable with her big dimples. She had a great time posing and just having fun in front of the camera. Her mom was very happy with the images. We were delighted to see such a lovely little girl. They chose several different images and we converted them into black and white, as well as color. We did the Talent 8x10s with her name underneath, just like all the great movie stars get.

This little girl’s enthusiasm and joie de vivre stayed with me. I could feel that she was someone very special. I knew that she was going to be famous one day.

Many years passed. Then, one day I heard her name: Ariana Grande. I thought to myself, this must be the cute little girl we photographed in our studio so long ago! We started paying attention to when we heard that name again. Then, one day I saw her on TV.  I saw this absolutely beautiful girl with this long fabulous hair and a voice – a voice like no other. I was so impressed with the power of her voice. Then I saw her on Saturday Night Live and she was doing interpretations of so many singers: Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion and many others. Such a little lady with such a voice!  We are so glad to have met her and photographed her.

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