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Online Dating Photo Tips

dating photos, photos for dating profile , Online Dating Photo Tips,

dating portrait of Smiling lady wearing orange

Online Dating Photo Tips

Every year around January single or newly single people, follow through at least one of their New Years Resolutions.  Although losing weight is number one,  a quick second would be joining a dating site! So here are some Online Dating Photo Tips.

Online Dating Photo Tips: Did you know?

Did you know that 90% of online dating success is based on your photos?  Your main #Dating Photo profile or #headshot is the most important photo, it must capture their attention instantly, and make them want to learn more. It should be smiling, looking at the camera, and a clear view of your face. The next most important photo is a full body photo, preferably in a natural standing pose. Also knowing what to do with the images and knowing how to upload them to the different dating sites like, Match.com, E harmony, JDate.com and EliteSingles.com etc. We can help you with this, we have plenty of experience uploading images for our clients!

Online Dating Photo Tips: What To Wear for online dating?

The next tip is what to wear, your clothing says a lot about you and wearing the right clothing will telegraph the right message to that right person you are hoping to meet.  Solid colors rather than busy prints with bright colors or pastels work best. However you should dress as who you are and feel comfortable in. Not someone you are not.

Online Dating Photo Tips: Ladies

The next tip is Makeup,  Natural makeup and a fresh spring type look is best. Super dark eye shadow or overly done smokey eyes are cool but not to meet a new person for the first time.

Online Dating Photo Tips: Gentlemen

Neatness counts!  Get a good hair cut a good shave looking dapper is the key! It is best not to schedule the photo-shoot appointment after a weekend in the sun say golfing or a fishing trip, without a hat and arriving to us sunburned red as a lobster!

dating photos, photos for dating profile, Online Dating Photo Tips,

Online Dating Photo Tips: Conclusion

We hope these Online Dating Photo Tips are a good help.  When its that time of year for you, follow through and step outside of your comfort zone for a good reason.  Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions, get the right kind of photos for your on-line dating profile.  We create the best images for you! Contact us here.

dating photos, photos for dating profile, Online Dating Photo Tips,





  1. Rick Lesser says:

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    Today dating people are very savvy and a good photo or photos are a must for on line dating, that’s where we come in and help you put your best foot forward!

  3. Lisa W. Suggs says:

    have a couple of friends I need to steer to Lloyd’s, they did my business photos and they turned out good.

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    These are good tips, thanks.

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