Senior Portrait Challenge 2018

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Senior Portrait Challenge 2018

Senior Portrait Challenge 2018.  With all that went on this summer, the hurricanes, the devastation, no power, the summer heat. Its tough to get a sense of getting back to normal. What does that mean? For seniors, it means it’s the start of the fall school semester, and welcome to the Class of 2018! You are finally ending one chapter and looking forward to the next. And how better to turn a new leaf and focus on more positive things that you will actually enjoy? SENIOR PORTRAITS!

For the class of 2018, how about a Senior Portrait Challenge 2018! Let’s create something epic with seniors being photographed by Lloyd’s Studio Photography! Experience something different than what you’ve seen of any other senior portrait photographer offerings.

Senior Portrait Challenge 2018: How it Works

We challenge you to help us create the greatest senior portrait ever! So here’s how it works. We will create the coolest senior portrait ever. Lets bee creative! Lets think outside of the box! And out of all the senior portraits from all the seniors we shoot, we will choose the best one and the winner will get a humongous 30×40 inch poster size portrait of their image!

So call or email us today to book your appointment! 561 394 6399

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Rick Lesser January 14, 2018 - 9:53 pm

Beautiful just beautiful!

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